Newcastle is the 6th Largest City in Australia. A Moderate Climate all year around can be expected if you ever decide to visit .
Situated Right on the Ocean Front ( Tasman Sea & Pacific Ocean, take your pick same Salt Water, beautiful Beaches & Coast line)
Aprox 160 Klms (100 miles).. North of Sydney by road or around 110 Klms (65 miles) as the crow Flies.
In winter ..June/July/August a Cold Day would be around 6 Degrees "C" or about 40 .F. to 18. Degrees C. (65F) In Summer Months
Dec-Feb. our Hottest Months, the Temp, Can Very from 25 degrees C. to 35 degrees C. (75-90.F.) or higher. The Population within
a 60 Mile radius is at a guess, around 500.000
Newcastle is Proberly more Famous for its Coal Exports..( the Largest Export tonage in the World is shipped out of here) up
to 12 million Tonnes a month at the moment (Mid 2014). The City is Right on the Harbour, That is Formed at the end of the
Hunter River, The City is small by world standards, The Coal comes from Further up the Hunter Valley west of Newcastle. Coal
was first Discovered in 1804. Another Great Product..WINE..Is Making a Big Name for this area on the World Market. Wool & Wheat
are other exports. Bauxite is Turned into Alluminium at 1 Smelter Within 20 miles of the City Also & Exported around the world Also.

To the North..across the Harbour are the " Stockton Sand Dunes " Massive Dunes on the Coast stretching around 20 Miles North.
Plenty of Play Grounds For Beach Buggies, Quads, trikes & 4WD to adventure into on weekends. Several Movies have been filmed
here also in recent times. To the West we have some low Moutain ranges..To the South we have a Large Inland Lake that is connected
to the Sea via a Narrow Entry. " Lake Macquarie " The Largest inland Coastal..SALT WATER Lake in Australia. Aprox. 15 Klms south
of Newcastle. Power Boating, sailing, swimming you can do it here in Safety.

Sydney Harbour.. That Sub was trying to shell the Large steel works that Existed at the time.. and The old Zara Street Power Station
, both now demolished. , They Missed & Unfortunatley we did also. They made it Home.

We also have a Nature Reserve... " Blackbut reserve " a place you can visit, see some Unique Aussie Wild Life, enjoy a BBQ
Whatever. Kangaroos, Emu, Native Birds, Koalas, and the entry is free. There are some excelent WET LAND RESERV'S Also
Not far out of Town up the Hunter River. COME VISIT OUR TOWN IF YOU GET THE CHANCE SOMETIME in the FUTURE.

Please Take a look at Some Photos Around Our Town below. Just in case you can not visit Newcastle.

The Photos are not in any order but you should be able to see some of the things i have mentioned above..thanks for looking.
Our Town " Newcastle "